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Every time you complete a survey, you'll be invited to play Poll Predictor. The object of Poll Predictor is to see how closely you can guess what percentage of people answered "Yes" to different questions. Players are awarded chances depending on how closely they are to the correct answer to a particular question.

Use the sliding bar provided to submit your answer between 0% and 100%. The closer you guess, the more chances you get to enter into our prize draws.

We'll let you know immediately how many chances you've won. Click "Spend Your Chances" to continue and allocate your chances among the prizes listed.

Each prize draw has an "end date" specified. When this date has been reached, a winner will be randomly selected and notified by email.

  • Exact guess = 25 chances
  • Within 1 point (plus or minus) = 20 chances
  • Within 3 points = 15 chances
  • Within 5 points = 10 chances
  • Within 10 points = 5 chances
  • Within 25 points= 1 chance

Once you've been awarded your chances, you may allocate all or some of them to any prize listed. The more chances you allocate to each prize draw, the better your chances of winning that prize.

Each draw has an end date listed under each prize. When the draw date ends, our system automatically closes that prize and randomly selects a winner. We'll contact you by email if you've won.

We poll i-Say members on each question using a representative sample of the United States and Canada general population.

Currently, Poll Predictor can be accessed on desktop devices with Google Chrome version 29 or later, Internet Explorer version 8 or later, Firefox version 23 or later, and Safari version 6.0.5. For mobile operating systems, the site is accessible on Androids using the Android Browser version 4 and on iOS devices using Safari versions 6 or 7.
If your system doesn't meet these requirements, you may experience difficulty in accessing Poll Predictor. Please note that the game may not operate on some mobile devices.

Please be assured that you'll still receive the points you've earned for completing a survey even if you're unable to play Poll Predictor.

If your system is compliant with the requirements for Poll Predictor and you still can't play the game, please contact us.