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The value of your earned points has been transferred to your i-Say member account automatically! You may notice that the point structure has changed. Here's an example of the difference: If you want to redeem points for a $10 gift card, you'll need 1,000 i-Say points. You would've needed 10,000 Global Opinion Panels points for the same $10 gift card. Sign in to your i-Say account and click "Rewards" at the top of the page to view new reward options and the amount of points you need for them. Note that you will need a minimum of 1,000 points to redeem for rewards.

The redeemed points you see in the redemption order section of your account are a sum of all points you redeemed through Global Opinion Panels from the time you joined through September 11, 2012. These points have already been added up and converted to the i-Say point structure. For example, if you see 3,000 points redeemed for Global Opinion Panels rewards, this means you redeemed 30,000 points in total prior to the merging of panels.