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My name is Donald Combs and I like to hunt and fish and do outdoor things if I am able to. I like to do surveys they seem to give me something to do. The dog in the picture with me was my last pet I had . with died back in March a wee k before my mom did. The vets seem to think Sassy grieved herself to death. He seems to think that she sensed how sick my mom was and it just killed her she couldn't sand it.
Green Bay Packers
Jan 17, 2020 Vote
Milky Way
Jan 17, 2020 Vote
Slightly warmed, no burns outside
Jan 13, 2020 Vote
Toy Story 1
Jan 09, 2020 Vote
Jan 09, 2020 Vote
Great Barrier Reef
Jan 08, 2020 Vote
Michael Jordan
Jan 03, 2020 Vote
Cincinnati Bengals helmet
Dec 30, 2019 Vote
Dec 27, 2019 Vote
I cant say eithe way but the symmetry leads me to beleive this.  Nature is amazing  either way!
Dec 27, 2019 Vote
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