Virginia Joy Belder

United States
Hi. I'm Joy. Looking forward to learning more & participating on this site...
Virginia Joy Belder commented on the poll Apple or android?
Mine's Android.
Nov 29, 2021 Comment
Android is great I had them for years they don’t as long as apple
Nov 29, 2021 Vote
I love all of those songs! Except for I Melt With You. I'm not sure if I"ve ever heard it before or not...
Nov 28, 2021 Comment
You're the One That I Want, Grease
Nov 28, 2021 Vote
What if your argument is your foreplay??
Nov 27, 2021 Comment
Nov 27, 2021 Vote
No Politics, PLEASE
Nov 19, 2021 Vote
Nov 16, 2021 Vote
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