Just curious how my parent homies are doin cause I know I'm sure glad I don't have any minions right now in this cluster**** we call "reality"
Oct 06, 2020 Comment
A teacher is becoming a zoom mediator.
Oct 06, 2020 Vote
Mix that cider with equal part apple juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks, and everclear. I'm all about that apple pie!
Oct 05, 2020 Comment
Apple Cider
Oct 05, 2020 Vote
Music is life
Oct 05, 2020 Comment
Games, music, and entertainment apps
Oct 05, 2020 Vote
Nothin like fresh ground then dripped java, mmmmmšŸ¤¤
Oct 03, 2020 Comment
Drip Coffee Maker
Oct 03, 2020 Vote
Gotta love apple cider with a little spike, definitely my top fall beverage!
Oct 03, 2020 Comment
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