He is super down to earth and so nice he would good off with everyone in between filming scenes
Oct 18, 2020 Comment
I do and some films I was aloud to keep that days script (AKA sides) when I was on second team which is being the stand in for an Actress. so I've got some keep sakes and a few pictures when we were able take some after filming wraps
Oct 15, 2020 Comment
Have talked with and filmed with all of them. Being on set for long hours and many days it was just like I was hanging out with my friends and they are all so nice and down to earth
Oct 14, 2020 Comment
Sam worthington
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Dirty Rice - a classic Creole Dish from Southern Louisiana & other Southern areas
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Jet plane house home
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Keeley voted on the poll Animated Rides
The Mystery Machine - Scooby Doo
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