Rick commented on the poll Better Athlete Role Model
Why no Asian athletes? Where is the inclusivity? Asian Lives Matter!
Jun 14, 2021 Comment
Rick commented on the poll Is ellen good or bad person?
She's miserable. Glad she's going off the air. Now let's work on getting rid of "The View."
Jun 14, 2021 Comment
Waited on Michelle Pfeiffer at a restaurant when I was a graduate student at Princeton. She was super sweet. Offered to take a picture with me and then sent me an autographed pic of herself two weeks later. Years later she and her husband now own a vacation home down the beach from me here in Hawaii. The funny part is we both love the same restaurant and I see them on occasion when they are here. The most amazing thing is she still remembered my name. Bet you wouldn't get that from trash like Kim Kardashian.
Jun 09, 2021 Comment
Rick commented on the poll Do you believe in the Big Lie?
Waste of space survey
May 26, 2021 Comment
Rick commented on the poll Favorite Salad Dressing?
Blue cheese definitely
May 25, 2021 Comment
Rick commented on the poll What is the best Christmas movie?
Home Alone & Home Alone 2 ❤️
May 17, 2021 Comment
None. Even make-up and hair color changes cannot fix ugly.
May 15, 2021 Comment
I'm a doctor Jim not a blasted philosopher 😁
May 14, 2021 Comment
X-ray vision. Summer is here and there's a lot to see. Here in Hawaii, no tan lines allowed! ❤️
May 14, 2021 Comment
Smoke enough weed and you never know....
May 06, 2021 Comment
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