Would u rather be rich or would u rather lose a family member ?

By Alicia . Created on Nov 03, 2020
Please do it from me !!!
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Be rich

Be rich

Lose a family member

Lose a family member

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Be rich
Darren said 3 weeks ago
Brian said 4 weeks ago
Heck if I know, ask the letter u. As for me, I have already lost family members, have enough to live on. Going with Barry and be happy, a day at a time.
paul said 4 weeks ago
be happy
Damien said 4 weeks ago
13 percent would rather lose a family member than be rich.
Just let that sink in.
If you were rich, YOu could at least afford to buy a Y and an O to go with your U.
MarieN said 4 weeks ago
Damien, it would seem that this is the same "Alicia" begging for "RANDOM STRANGERS" to buy her(?) "a I-phone". Seems like her time could be spent much better learning correct spelling, sentence structure, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. :-)
"Beauty School Drop Out, Go Back to High School" (Grease/Fr...
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Barry N said 4 weeks ago
Be happy. I am happy.
Freebie said 4 weeks ago
Check out this survey you might get the Ps5!!!

Fred Zacher said 4 weeks ago
Even better check out the community standards page for a change.
Be rich
KatLaty said 4 weeks ago
I've already lost to many loved ones! The universe owes me wealth now!
Dondi said 4 weeks ago
I feel rich by having my family.