Which is expensive ? eating out or cooking at home ?

By Iam . Created on Dec 10, 2019
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Eating out

Eating out

Cook at home

Cook at home

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Anonymous said on Dec 23, 2019
Eating out .. but both can be costly especially when trying out new recipes lol
Milan said on Dec 13, 2019
Like Ana says it depends! What you prefer to eat, The varieties of food type, etc, etc! Eg. I can eat pretty cheaply eating out with coupons, senior discounts, all you can eat meals! Then again I can eat pretty cheap at home using eggs, spam, leftovers, etc, etc!
Anonymous said on Dec 13, 2019
Well yes of course eating out is more expensive......going strictly by your question....even macdonalds is expensive can by a steak and make a good meal for two for less than eating there ....
Cook at home
Ana said on Dec 12, 2019
Eating out
Brian said on Dec 11, 2019
Typically eating out as one is paying not only for the food, but those who cook and serve it, and simply the experience of being in a restaurant. I suppose cooking at home can be just as pricey, but it would really depends on the occasion or food.
Cook at home
Anonymous said on Dec 11, 2019
it depends entirely on how valuable you're time is compared to you're disposable income. If I had the option; I'd pay a chef in my home and have quality home cooked meals without wasting my own time on making them; or cleaning up afterwards.
Me said on Dec 11, 2019

Depends on the experience you are looking for.

And, of course, your wallet.
Anonymous said on Dec 11, 2019
If you consider heating up prepackaged dinners like mac ‘n cheese, cooking at home, rather than from scratch then, it’s cheaper than any fast food but, if you want to eat food made from scratch with expensive ingredients, home cooking costs more $$.