Taco Bell vs Chik fil A

By Kaysha . Created on Sep 26, 2019
Which is more satisfying?
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Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Chik fil A

Chik fil A

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Taco Bell
Michelle said 3 weeks ago
Depends on time of day really
Chik fil A
Rhonda said 3 weeks ago
I love Chick-fil-

I love Chick-fil-A
Brian said 3 weeks ago
Never had Chik fil A...
Chik fil A
Dominique said 3 weeks ago
God bless you...
Chik fil A
Rachael said 4 weeks ago
I love chik fil a
Debra said 4 weeks ago
We don't have chik fil A's
Stephanie said 4 weeks ago
I love chik fil A. There are times though that some Nachos Bell Grande fit my plan.
Chik fil A
Brian said 4 weeks ago
I'd never even head of Chick-fil-a until I moved south, and it grew on me very fast. Love their waffle fries and sauces, good chicken over all. On the flip side, you can't get a taco there, so Taco Bell has them beat on that.
Kathleen said 4 weeks ago
chik fil a