Its the bond between a man and his dog overrated?

By Adam Plitt . Created on Nov 08, 2018
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Yes - Truly man's best friend

Yes - Truly man's best friend

No.   Just a dog.

No. Just a dog.

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No.   Just a dog.
Elaine said 5 days ago
I had a dog from the time I was 8 yrs old, until I was 21 yrs old. I was heart broken when my 3 yr old daughter found him "asleep" as she put it. I will never get attached to another animal bc in most cases, it will die before you.
Yes - Truly man's best friend
Darlene said 6 days ago
I have a cat he's my buddy I love him more than some humans
Yes - Truly man's best friend
Fred Zacher said 6 days ago
It's a match made in heaven if both are shown mutual care and loving nature.
No.   Just a dog.
Damien said 7 days ago
Another example of asking a question one way then providing answers for a different way/question.
Keri said 7 days ago
No! Dog is a mans best friend. They are loyal and always protect you.
Yes - Truly man's best friend
Mary said a week ago
I don’t think the bond between anyone and their pet is overrated.
Mirella said a week ago
answering options don`t really fit question ...
Yes - Truly man's best friend
Hipchick18 said a week ago
Love dogs