¿Favorite Sport?

By Sam . Created on Jun 02, 2019
What is your favorite sport? Taekwondo or Soccer
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Jo-Ann said 7 days ago
Kathy said a week ago
Chuck said a week ago
What is taekwondo? Is that like eating wood and stuff?
Sheryl said a week ago
I chose taekwondo because it's something I've done and would do again. But my favorite is softball.
Talishia said a week ago
Soccer player since 4 years old
Brooke said a week ago
Fred Zacher said 3 weeks ago
Baseball and I might take up the sport of watching those naked mole rats wrestle.
MarieN said a week ago
@FZ, it's the most idiotic "sport" that I could think of that I would have even an infinitesimal interest in. My dad used to watch baseball, and about the only player that I recall is Sandy Koufax, that I "think" was a pitcher. That is about all I remember, and I know enough to know, I know too much, even with that, and care about sports of almost any kind, even less. LOL!
Me said 3 weeks ago
Taekwondo and soccer are border line 'sports'.

Taekwondo is more akin to stretching than sport and all soccer is is organized jogging!

Pick a real sport like cross-country or downhill skiing, biking, swim...
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Kyle said 3 weeks ago
"soccer is organized jogging" riiiiiight...... zzzz
Steve G said a week ago
Would be happy to take you in to an octogon and show you how borderline martial arts. It is much more then stretching and requires mental concentration that most people are incapable of mastering.