Do you hold actor’s political opinions in high regard?

By The Clu . Created on Oct 27, 2019
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Anonymous said on Dec 28, 2019
I think it is absurd to value the opinion just because of their place in the public eye.
trainutt said on Oct 29, 2019
nope, they no smarter than the rest of us and as evidenced by the news, many aren’t as smart as a fifth grader 😀
Anonymous said on Nov 10, 2019
Anonymous said on Oct 29, 2019
About as high as I hold their legal or medical opinions.
Anonymous said on Oct 28, 2019
No, it offends me.
Chuck said on Oct 28, 2019
Most of them are quite stupid; most think politics is a new cereal consumed in the ghettos
Me said on Oct 28, 2019
The sad part is, MANY people DO believe what actors say, despite their clear demonstration of outright ignorance.

What ignorance the offended demand? Try these on for size:

- Leonardo di Caprio bleating about 'climate change' when e...
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Damien said on Oct 28, 2019
Similarly, I do not care when they endorse a product.
Milan said on Oct 27, 2019
Actually in low regards!! While it is their right to express their personal opinions about candidates and their positions outrageous attacks can hurt their careers!!! Respectfully disagreeing is fine!! Stupid personal attacks show ignorance and bias!! Witness Madonna's comment about burning the Whitehouse down!! Dumb but many so called stars don't care!!!